8 Reasons to Get Fort Myers HVAC Fall Maintenance

By October 15, 2019June 15th, 2020Commercial HVAC
fort myers hvac fall maintenance

fort myers hvac fall maintenanceAfter a hot, humid summer many people look forward to the change of seasons. They welcome cooler temperatures and the rich reds and oranges of fall foliage.

For residents of Florida, fall doesn’t bring a noticeable change of seasons. People don’t dig out their sweaters and leggings. Average fall temperatures range from the high 80s to the low 90s.

It may stay warm in the fall but that doesn’t mean homeowners shouldn’t call for Fort Myers HVAC fall maintenance. Find out why the change of seasons in Florida is the ideal time for preventative HVAC maintenance.

1. A Second Set of Eyes

Summer breezed by, didn’t it? Along with the heat and sun, Florida weather often includes windy weather. Heating and cooling systems bear the brunt of the dust and debris brought by summer winds.

Scheduling HVAC maintenance now means homeowners get a second set of eyes looking out for their system.

HVAC units, both interior and exterior units need clearance so that airflow stays unobstructed. A smoothly operating system depends on proper airflow.

As part of routine maintenance, a technician makes sure leaves, twigs, and other debris don’t obstruct the outside of an air conditioner or heat pump. And, while they may not trim leaves or trim trees, shrubs, and tall grasses, they will make recommendations about how much clearance is necessary.

2. Lower Your Energy Bills

In the average home, heating and cooling make up about half of the energy expenses.

Keeping an appointment for fall HVAC maintenance helps keep the system running efficiently. An efficient system usually results in lower energy bills.

A maintenance appointment should include an inspection of outdoor and indoor units. Service should also include:

  • Fluid level check
  • Motor test
  • Inspect for leaks

While most Florida residents don’t turn the AC off and the furnace on in the early fall, doesn’t it make sense to check early autumn maintenance off the to-do list? Then, the system is ready when chilly weather arrives.

3. Better Air Quality

A home’s HVAC system keeps a family comfortable year-round. It also keeps the air supply inside the home clean and safe.

A poorly maintained system may circulate indoor air that’s more polluted than the air outdoors.

For the family that spends more time inside when the weather changes, indoor air quality is critical. One task an HVAC technician takes care of during a maintenance visit is changing the air filter.

For the best indoor air quality year-round, we suggest an air filter change every 1-3 months.

4. Avoid Major Repairs

So far, no one has designed a heating and cooling system to last forever. However, preventative maintenance may add several years to a system’s useful life.

Avoiding major repairs is one major reason homeowners should schedule fall maintenance.

In Florida, homeowners run the AC for more than half the year. That’s six months or more of a constantly running appliance. Without proper maintenance, an HVAC system will show signs of premature wear and tear.

Scheduling semi-annual maintenance helps you stay one step ahead of even minor repairs. Taking care of small issues often prevents them from morphing into costly repairs or replacements.

5. Seasonal Maintenance and Safety

When a heating and cooling system runs without the benefit of routine maintenance the cost isn’t just financial.

Safety also suffers. Things like gas and carbon monoxide leaks are a possibility. A faulty blower motor or a problem with the bad electrical wiring can create a fire hazard.

Fall HVAC maintenance should include leaks checks and an inspection of the carbon monoxide detectors in the home. Other potential safety issues should also get adequate attention.

Scheduling maintenance before winter heating season arrives means homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing their system is safe and ready for cooler weather.

6. Give an HVAC System the Gift of Life

Making major repairs allows an HVAC system to continue running, but ultimately, major breakdowns and repairs steal years from the system. Extensive repairs typically result in even more problems later. Major repairs, or at least the reason for them, can cause wear on other system components.

Schedule preventative maintenance in the fall, before major problems pop up, and extend the useful life of the HVAC system.

Being proactive can prevent costly breakdowns. It also helps keep the essential components working longer so that a homeowner gets the most out of their heating and cooling system.

7. No Waiting in Line

People, in general, procrastinate. It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to wait until winter looms, or even worse, the system breaks down, to schedule HVAC maintenance.

Get a jump on the cold weather rush and call for a fall appointment. In the fall, service techs are often less busy. It’s often easier to get an appointment without waiting for several weeks.

Another benefit of scheduling fall maintenance? Service techs likely won’t be in a hurry to get to the next appointment. That means they have time to do a more thorough system check, spend more time on repairs, and ensure everything is a go for peak winter performance.

8. Get Ready for Cozy Winter Nights

People who live in Fort Myers, Florida rarely experience cold weather like their neighbors to the north. In fact, temps drop to 40 degrees an average of only 4 nights each year.

The warm year-round temperatures are what draw many people to the area. Even so, every few years, Fort Myers enjoys one winter night (or two) with below-freezing temperatures.

It’s on these frigid nights that homeowners depend on the heating part of their HVAC system.

Take care of routine maintenance in the fall and be ready to snuggle up and get cozy in a warm home.

Schedule Your Fort Myers HVAC Fall Maintenance

One of the most important reasons to schedule heating and cooling system maintenance in the fall is to prepare for the winter months ahead. Even though Florida doesn’t experience the harsh winters like those in northern states, people still want their HVAC systems to work when it’s cold.

Calling for your Fort Myers HVAC fall maintenance ensures your system will be ready to heat your home during the winter. Routine maintenance also means your cooling system will work on the warmer days.

Contact us today and let our service technicians help get your HVAC system ready for winter.

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