Here are the Best Home Cooling Solutions in Fort Myers

By March 21, 2019April 10th, 2019Air Conditioning
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With summer approaching quickly, you’ll want to make sure that you have all your air conditioning needs taken care of. For many, that means making sure any repairs and maintenance of your system are taken care of.

For others, though, it means fully replacing and choosing a better home cooling system for you. There are many reasons you may want to change your home cooling system. Maybe your house is now larger and your past one never did the job adequately enough, or are looking to save money with a more efficient system.

Whatever the reason may be for you looking for a change, here are the best home cooling solutions in Fort Myers.

1. Window Air Conditioners

A system that relies on window air conditioners does not work as one unitary system. Instead, it relies¬†on individual air conditioners placed at the windows of each room. This system’s benefits include the ability to customize the temperature of each room and a relatively cheaper price tag.

2. Ductless Split Air Conditioners

Ductless split system air conditioners are a great option for Floridians, especially those looking for an efficient system. Without a duct, these split systems minimize the losses that are created by duct leaks. This allows for multiple rooms, or a large room, to be cooled with one system.

3. Central Air Conditioners

While the previous two systems focus on systems that cool individual rooms, central air conditioners are more common in Florida. This allows for the entire home to be cooled from one compressor unit.

This type of unit is ideal for a large home with many rooms, making it one of the best home cooling solutions in Fort Myers.

4. Hybrid Split System

Hybrid split systems are typically seen as a unit that helps in cold weather to heat up a home. But, it is also a great option for warm weather, including those seen in Florida.

A hybrid split system can help cool and dehumidify a home, which are a need for Floridian homes. They can also be manually operated and are a great, efficient option.

5. Packaged System

If you have a small home that you still want to cool efficiently, a packaged¬†HVAC system may be the solution you’re looking for. All parts of this system get stored outdoors, saving you space in your home. At the same time, you are still cooling a majority of your home with this central system.

Unfortunately, these systems are not as efficient as the traditional split systems, which may make you lose money in the long run.

Choosing the Best Home Cooling Solutions in Fort Myers

There are many options that can become the best home cooling solutions in Fort Myers, depending on your home’s cooling needs. Where you may have to sacrifice in efficiency you can also make up for in comfort and space in the home.

For all your home cooling needs, especially now that the summer months are approaching, be sure to contact us!

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