When (and Why) You Shouldn’t DIY HVAC Repairs

By March 30, 2021Maintenance
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Whether your home has a basic heating system or a more advanced system in place, something is bound to go wrong once in a while. While maintenance can prevent wear and tear, sudden problems can happen in a flash.

HVAC systems are fairly complex, meaning they can suffer from a wide variety of different issues. As tempting as it can be, making these DIY HVAC repairs on your own may not be the best option in Bonita Springs. 

Sometimes, diagnosing an issue with your HVAC system and making a repair can be simple. Most times, it’s best to leave the troubleshooting to the professionals.

If you’re wondering can I fix my AC myself, here’s when to handle your own repairs and when to call an HVAC expert for help. 

When Should You Handle Your Own Repairs?

In some cases, it’s perfectly acceptable to make your own HVAC repairs in Estero. As a homeowner, knowing the ins and outs of your heating and air conditioning systems is paramount. 

This will help you ultimately save money on repairing expensive malfunctions and achieve peace of mind. Below are some common HVAC issues you can diagnose and repair on your own. 

Dirty Filters

Replacing a heating filter is one of the most effective methods for preserving the shelf life of the entire system. It’s one of the simple DIY HVAC repairs anyone can perform. 

To put it simply, a dirty filter can restrict airflow into the heater. This will cause the furnace to work harder and overheat. Most homeowners should be able to access their furnaces in the attic. 

There should be a compartment that houses the filter on the side of the furnace. Replace the dirty filter to immediately allow airflow into the furnace. 

Thermostat Issues

Sometimes, when a homeowner tries to turn on their heater and finds that it won’t come on, there could actually be an issue with the thermostat.

Particularly, there may be a problem with how the thermostat is set. To solve this problem, refer to the thermostat’s owner manual for instructions on setting the device. 

Some thermostats may also operate on batteries that need to be routinely changed. Following these tips will help you save money on an unnecessary service call in Naples.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

One of the most common reasons why a furnace trips a circuit breaker is when the blower is working too hard. This is usually caused by a dirty filter, which is restricting necessary airflow to the furnace. 

Check your furnace’s air filter and make sure that it’s not worn or dirty before fixing your circuit breaker. Finally, turn your circuits back on and run your furnace like normal. 

If this problem persists, you should contact an HVAC professional in Fort Myers immediately to uncover the cause. 

When Shouldn’t You Handle Your Own Repairs?

More often than not, you should contact an HVAC professional to diagnose the issues of your HVAC systems and apply a solution. If you’ve done all you can do, hiring a professional will help you save money and protect your home from a catastrophe. 

Here are some common HVAC issues in which you should contact a Cape Coral HVAC specialist right away. 

Inconsistent Home Temperature

There could be several different reasons all pointing to why your home’s temperature is inconsistent in each room. The first reason could be due to a dirty filter. 

If your filter is too dirty or worn, your furnace will have difficulty circulating cleaning air throughout your home. On the other hand, your furniture could be blocking the vents producing both hot and cool air in your home. 

Lastly, your HVAC unit may not be large enough to fit your home. This could be the case if your home recently underwent a massive renovation in Lee High Acres. 

Sometimes, your HVAC system may not be installed properly and will require ducts to be installed accurately throughout your home. Whatever the case may be, hiring a professional is the best way to uncover the problem. 

Water Leaks Around the AC Unit

Clearly, spotting a water leak is one of the easiest issues to diagnose. This is why water leaks make up almost 90% of service calls to HVAC professionals. 

You should be able to diagnose the reason why your HVAC is leaking on your own. When you use a flashlight, check the overflow plan the air conditioning unit is placed on. 

If you notice any holes, don’t try to fix them on your own. Purchase a new overflow pan and hire a professional to install it. It’s important to make sure that your unit is switched off before you do anything. 

Strange Noises from Inside the Unit

Unlike water leaks, diagnosing strange noises from an AC unit can be challenging. After all, air conditioning units make strange noises all the time to most homeowners in Port Charlotte.

Sometimes, these noises are normal. However, if you’re noticing any buzzing, rattling, or hissing noises coming from your HVAC system, then you should investigate the issue thoroughly. 

If these noises are coming from inside the unit, call a professional immediately in Punta Gorda.

Your Heater isn’t Working

In the cold winter months in Florida, it’s easy to notice when the heater isn’t working. If you’ve taken the appropriate steps to consult your owner’s manual and this issue persists, you should call an HVAC specialist. 

Most likely, the gas meter inside your home hasn’t been turned on. Whatever the case may be, this isn’t a solution you should deal with on your own, since furnaces are dangerous objects

The Motor Stops Working

It can be frustrating to have your HVAC system work perfectly until it stops suddenly. The most likely culprit could be a faulty motor. There could be several different reasons why the motor has stopped working. 

Sometimes, the breakers could get too hot and prevent the motor from working correctly. Other times, ice could freeze the unit and make it impossible for the motor to spin. 

In either case, calling a professional is the best way to know what happened and apply an effective solution. 

Leave Your HVAC Repairs to Us

Most homeowners will pour thousands of dollars into their HVAC systems over the course of their lifetime. As such, you should do your best to protect this investment. 

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