Thermostat Not Working? Here’s What You Need to Do

By February 8, 2022Maintenance
thermostat not working

In the United States, roughly 39% of the energy sent to our buildings gets used by the HVAC system.

If your thermostat isn’t working right you will either pay more than you should or not be as comfortable as you want to be. Having a thermostat not working means that the HVAC system isn’t working right. If you think that your thermostat has stopped working, what should you do?

Here is some advice that you can follow to take care of the problem.

Thermostat Not Working

How do you know if you have a thermostat not working and the problem isn’t somewhere else? If the thermostat screen is blank, faded or the HVAC system doesn’t respond when you change the thermostat. For instance, if you know the temp of the room, set it higher to see if the heater will come on, or lower to see if the AC works.

If nothing happens, there’s a good chance that the thermostat isn’t communicating with the system. This can be a disaster as in some cases the heater or air conditioner may run a lot more than necessary. If you notice the house being abnormally warm in the winter or cold in the summer, this can be an indicator as well.

You can also listen for any unusual signs that the HVAC system isn’t working right. If it is a hot summer day in Naples, FL, and your air conditioner keeps shutting off and then turning back on, that is a short cycle. A short cycle is a clear sign that the thermostat isn’t communicating with the system the way it needs to.

This can be a bit more difficult to detect during the winter, but on the chilly nights in Cape Coral, FL, when the temperature drops into the low 50s, your heater should be working. If you notice it isn’t, the same issues that affect the AC will also impact your heating.

What Now?

If you live in an area with humid, hot days like Ft. Meyer, FL you’re going to know if your AC has stopped working. Thermostat problems can manifest at any time, now that you know yours isn’t working, there are a few things you can try. If you have a modern, digital thermostat you can attempt to replace the batteries.

If it doesn’t need batteries, go to your breaker box and make sure that none of the fuses have tripped. If one has been tripped, reset it and then go and check on the thermostat again. If this hasn’t solved the problem, check to see what fuse the thermostat is connected to.

If the fuse is still on, turn it off and return to the thermostat. You can now open the thermostat without worrying about any shocks. Inspect the inside of the thermostat and see if it is dirty or has a lot of grime buildups on the circuits.

If it does, you can use canned air or a clean artist’s brush to knock all of it out of the box. Once this is done, put the panel back together and then try to see if it will come on. If it doesn’t, then it is time you will want to contact a professional who can help troubleshoot the problem and replace the thermostat if necessary.

What if My Thermostat Isn’t Digital?

If you have a mechanical thermostat, there are a few things you can try. If the furnace won’t turn on, you can begin by cleaning it. Once the piece is clean, you can check to see if the anticipator rod is stuck.

The anticipator is a little arm that connects from the inside of the thermostat to the dial. If that little arm is stuck, it might be preventing your thermostat from proper function. If that doesn’t fix it, you can check to see if the thermostat is level, by using a regular level resting on the top of it.

Not being level can cause a thermostat malfunction in a mechanical unit. If this has happened, you can gently manipulate the thermostat until it is level again. If the unit is level, and still isn’t working, this would be a good time to consider upgrading to a modern, programmable thermostat.

Why Did the Thermostat Break?

There are a lot of potential reasons, from hard hits or getting banged on, to simple age and deterioration. If you’re using a mechanical thermostat then it could be an older unit. Corrosion and other factors also apply when dealing with mechanical components.

If you just moved into your home in Estero, you may not know who installed the thermostat. If a homeowner installs it without seeking professional assistance a lot of problems can happen.

Why Upgrade?

If you live in an area like Bonito Springs, FL, your comfort is dependent upon your HVAC system. Having a modern, programmable thermostat is a great way to improve the efficiency of your system. You can save money and be more comfortable with a modern HVAC thermostat.

With so much power already going to the HVAC, a large portion of your energy bills are affected by the system. If it isn’t running right, you could be spending a lot more than you have to. Don’t risk a massive energy bill, get a professional HVAC technician out there to check on the problem.

Modern systems are also easier to use, you can even set the system to on and off from halfway around the world. If you’re in Colorado enjoying the skiing, you can check on your system back in Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda. This level of control makes a modern thermostat a great investment.

We Are Here to Help

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