Think Florida Heating Is a Joke? Think Again!

By September 23, 2020November 9th, 2020Heating
Florida heating

Florida State is one of the places in the U.S. that enjoy the best climate conditions. The people here experience long summers with a sub-tropical climate almost throughout the year. But this should not be the reason why you take Florida heating for granted because the weather can also get extremely chilly in winter.

Most homes in Florida use heat pumps that provide both heating and cooling. But this is only nice for cooling because if you run the heat for a few hours during winter, you won’t like it when your power bills show up.

So, what can you do to heat your home during winter in Florida? Here are a few Florida heating options that can keep you comfortable throughout the chilly months.

Traditional Furnace

You can either use gas or electric furnace for heating when the weather gets chilly in Florida. You must know that these options can be pretty costly, especially if you only need to use it for a few hours. However, when the weather is too chilly, and you need some reliable heat, you have no option but to sacrifice.

Despite being expensive upfront, the traditional furnace for your heating option is energy efficient. Well, the amount you’ll spend on power bills for this will depend on the size of your home, technologies, and whether you’re installing new ducks or not.

Heat Pumps for Florida Heating

Heat pumps are a very expensive investment to have in your home but can be energy efficient in the long run. You can use heat pumps for several heating options in your home. You can connect it to your boiler system for hot water or connect a geothermal to heat the home.

With the geothermal heat, the pumps will provide the required warm air from the heat in the ground. Installing the geothermal Florida heat pump parts can be very expensive upfront. Once installed, it will provide Florida heating and cooling supply for winter and summer, respectively.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioner units in Florida come installed with heat strips for heating during the chilly months.

This heating system is fantastic for those who’ll only need to heat at night and for a very short time. One disadvantage of this system is that the amount of energy needed for a few hours of heating can be too much, hiking your utility bills.

You must also know that when the temperature goes below the freezing point in Florida, the heat strips will not keep up. Therefore, these are not an appropriate heating system when the weather becomes cold or when you can’t afford the high power bills.

Take Care of Windows

Sometimes, it’s unnecessary to invest in expensive equipment to improve the air quality in your house. You must improvise whatever you have with you, including the windows. To preserve heat within the house, you must understand when it’s appropriate to open or close the windows.

Opening all your windows during the day means that you’ll be inviting cold winter air inside the house and releasing the warmer air to the yard. Even if your windows stay closed, other things such as cracks and warping can still invite cold air inside.

You need to ensure all your windows have a very tight seal so that your HVAC system can deliver the required temperature. You should start considering window repairs and replacements when winter approaches.

Insulate the House

Having high-quality insulation in your house will help with the cold weather and the warmer months as well. A good home insulation system comes in handy to keep your house warm during winter and supply cool temperatures during summer.

A well-insulated house will give your heaters an easy time providing the warmth as warm air won’t be escaping. This is perfect for reducing the amount of energy needed as well as burn less fuel.

The best time to start the insulation process is during winter before the colder months catch up with you. Focus your insulation system mostly on the attic because almost half of the heat in the house can escape through the roof as warm air rises.

Warm the Floors

Cold floors result in cold feet during winter, and you must look for ways to improve the situation of your floors. One of the cheapest ways to keep your floors warm is to add some extra rugs and carpet. These thick fabrics work well in lessening the effect of moisture generated from beneath your feet.

You can also consider installing a fireplace to warm up the entire living room, ensuring everyone in the family stays comfortable. Another long term alternative is to let go of the beautiful laminate and tiles and use wood flooring instead.

Lower heater setting to keep your floors a little bit warm is excellent. Anything that can minimize the heat loss from the floor can be of great help for your home.

Consider Cooking at Home

If you’re used to eating out or ordering food, winter should be the time to show your prowess in kitchen matters. A simple act as cooking dinner for the family can help a good deal in heating the house the entire night.

Running the oven can’t be a long time solution for the cold temperature. You can think about it as a way to save some power as well as enjoy some warm, home-cooked meal. No one will resist the warmth they’ll receive standing next to the oven during the cold days.

Stay Warm in Florida, Heat Up!

You not only need to add some heat at home during winter but also do all it takes to avoid losing heat unnecessarily. Florida heating can be costly if you don’t do it right. Think of the best heating options that are cost-friendly and comfortable for the entire family.

If you want more expert advice on how to stay warm in winter, get in touch with Florida Heat and Air for expert tips and tricks. We’re here to ensure the cold temperatures do not get the best out of you.