How to Prep Your HVAC System for the Holidays

By October 15, 2021October 16th, 2021Commercial HVAC
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Are you worried that your home’s HVAC system won’t be ready for the upcoming holidays? Well, your HVAC components need regular maintenance to function effectively. You wouldn’t want to come home from a vacation to find strange noises and unpleasant smells coming out of the HVAC unit.

Your house risks having poor indoor air quality if you fail to prepare the HVAC unit for the holidays. Furthermore, debris, dirt, dust, and mold accumulates in the system may pollute the air.

You would want to maintain the HVAC unit to minimize energy bills and prevent expensive breakdowns. Preventative maintenance will also prevent significant repairs and extend the life of the system. Here are some of the ways you can take care of your HVAC system this holiday season:

Clean the Ducts

Your air conditioner may fail to work well if the vents are dirty or clogged. Climb to the basement, crawlspace, or attic where the AC is installed and look for signs of dirt in the ducts. Inspect all sections of the duct for tears, disconnections, and gaps.

You should also check whether the duct tape fixed to the ducts is still intact. A clogged vent would lead to poor indoor air quality and fluctuation in temperatures.

Hire a professional AC cleaner to clean the air ducts if they are visibly dirty. Expect the professional to use rotary brushes and a high-powered vacuum while carrying out this task.

Inspect the Air Filters

Inspect your AC filters before the holiday season comes since they tend to accumulate dirt and debris with continued use. The trapped debris restricts normal airflow and reduces your AC’s cooling power. Your AC may suffer a major breakdown if the filters go unreplaced or uncleaned.

Change the filters once a month or twice a year, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. If your AC unit gets too hot or fails to pass cold air, chances are that you need to change the filters. You should also change the filters if you notice a spike in your energy bills, dust lying near the vents, and allergy attacks.

Clean or replace the filters as required before the holidays if you plan to travel. You get to lower your AC’s energy consumption by 5 percent to 15 percent when you replace a clogged filter.

Look for Abnormalities in all Burner Flames

Your furnace burner should produce blue flames at all times to indicate it’s functioning well. Any signs of orange or yellow flames may suggest that there’s a build-up of debris in the burner. The unusual flame colors may also indicate that the furnace needs a professional tune-up.

Listen for any strange noises coming from your home’s heating system during the inspection. A rattling sound from the burner may suggest that there’s a loose screw or loose panel. It may also imply that your heat exchanger has a crack or leak that may cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Inspect the furnace for strange scents, which may suggest a natural gas leak, mold growth, or vent problems. Your furnace may also produce foul odors if there are cracks in the heat exchanger, blockages, or dampness in the heating area.

Set Recommended Thermostat Settings for the Season

Install a programmable thermostat in your home to automatically adjust to your indoor temperatures. If you have a non-programmable one, you can use a thermometer to measure the current indoor temperatures. Use the thermometer readings to set the thermostat to the proper temperature settings.

You may set the thermostat to 50 to 60 degrees if you aren’t at home for an extended period. Low-temperature settings may freeze your coolant coils and make them explode. You also risk damaging your artwork and wallpapers with the low thermostat settings.

Your HVAC system should be on when you’re on vacation to prevent excess cold or humidity in your house. That’s because heat escapes your living spaces when it’s cold outside.

Seal Any Air Leaks

Air leakage may occur when outdoor air seeps through, and conditioned air escapes your house through openings and cracks. You shouldn’t rely on the air leaks for ventilation since the leaks may bring in allergens during windy or cold weather. The air leakage may trigger moisture problems in your home, thus favoring mildew growth and causing structural defects to the building.

Seal ant air leaks to cut your heating and cooling costs and create a comfortable indoor environment. You also get to improve the durability of your HVAC system in the process.

You can apply caulk on the openings or cracks around your window and door frames. Using weather strips on movable parts of your house like doors may also help seal the leaks.

Inspect Your HVAC Registers

An HVAC register is a grille that comprises operable parts used to direct air into the HVAC unit. Without the registers, your home’s indoor air quality will be compromised.

Items like furniture and boxes can block your HVAC registers while you’re away. The blockages may disrupt proper airflow into the HVAC unit and lead to dirt or dust accumulation. Ensure that the registers are in good shape as you prepare your heating and cooling unit for the holiday season.

Schedule a Professional AC Tune-Up

During the AC tune-up, the technician will inspect the parts of your AC to ensure that they are working as they should. They may also carry out minor repairs to prevent the unit from breaking down due to defects.

The tune-up will keep your AC in its peak performance and increase energy efficiency in your home. You’ll also spend less on energy bills and increase the lifespan of the entire air conditioning unit.

Looking for a Professional Tune-up for Your HVAC System?

Having a preventative maintenance plan for your HVAC system this holiday season will help you spot defects before they get worse. You get to prolong your HVAC’s lifespan beyond the holidays and save money on costly repairs. A well-maintained HVAC unit will keep your home comfortable and safe for occupation.

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