5 Things to Consider When Installing Your New Construction HVAC System in Cape Coral, Florida

By May 26, 2022May 27th, 2022Commercial HVAC
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If you’re building your dream home, the HVAC system installation is a long-term decision you’ll have to make. Check out this guide and you’ll learn what you should consider before installing your new construction HVAC system.

You’ll see where the smart decisions you make today about this system will preserve your home’s comfort for you and your loved ones well into the future.

What to Consider When Installing a New Construction HVAC System

Preparing for your new building’s HVAC installation means more than hiring an installation company to set up your new system. Here is a list of things to consider to prepare for this next phase of your home construction project.

1. Heating and Air Conditioning Models Available Today

You’ll find numerous kinds of HVAC systems in the current home appliance market. Start by familiarizing yourself with these HVAC system models so that you’ll find a system that’s right for you.

Talk to your project’s general contractor. They can help you learn about different HVAC approaches to your project. Collect their input on which unit they think is best for you.

Installing HVAC systems is eventually a job for a professional HVAC contractor (not the general contractor) to do. They are the trained experts at understanding heating and cooling strategies that keep a home comfortable.

2. Learn Some Industry Abbreviations and Terms

You’re going to hear a lot of abbreviations or terms you’ve probably not heard of before. It’s important to educate yourself on the correct HVAC terms. It could mean the difference between being miserable and being comfortable.

HVAC terms to learn include HVAC measurements (i.e., CFMs, BTUs.) Take time to also learn the terms for equipment parts (i.e., HIPA filters, scroll compressors, and condensers.)

3. Collect More Than One Cost Estimate

Once you know what system you want to be installed (and how to describe it), it’s time for you to collect cost estimates from many HVAC installers in the field.

Once you’ve reviewed these project costs, ask each HVAC contractor the following questions:

  • Which HVAC system is your specialty?
  • Do you have any customer reviews on your company’s performance?
  • Do you need a deposit before work begins?

4. Contract Provisions to Include

When you’ve chosen the cost estimate that fits your HVAC project budget, it’s time to get your work project contract together. Don’t let work begin until the contract is signed.

Some common provisions that you’ll see in HVAC contracts usually include:

  • Craftmanship warranties
  • Descriptions of all materials installed
  • Material warranties
  • Payment methods
  • Change order procedures

5. Project Completion Steps

When your project is complete, ask your HVAC contractor for a list of tasks you can do to support your new HVAC unit.

Ask them about the process to schedule your final, professional write-off inspection. Ask them for a timetable for any repairs you will need further down the road.

Next Steps

Ready for your new construction HVAC system install? Now that you’re familiar with planning for it, you can start today.

Study those HVAC industry abbreviations and terms. Then you’ll know how to explain what you need when you interview an HVAC professional. When you’ve finalized your contract, your project can now begin.

Don’t forget to check out our website for more helpful advice on how to choose an HVAC system. Let our Fort Myers staff at Florida Heat and Air help prepare the way today to keep your home as comfortable as it can be in the future.