Go Green With These Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Tips

By August 27, 2021Air Conditioning
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Air conditioning cools people while making the planet hotter. Air conditioners account for 10% of global electricity consumption. This number will jump as more people buy air conditioners for their homes. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a cooler house, especially in a hot state like Florida. But you must push for an eco friendly air conditioning option. 

How can you change the design of your Bonita Springs house to create a cooler and environmentally friendly AC system? How should you maintain your AC unit to prevent errors? What are two-stage compressors, and how can they reduce your energy use? 

Answer these questions and you can find eco-friendly HVAC solutions without breaking the bank. Here is your quick guide. 

Design With Passive Cooling Tools

Passive cooling uses the layout and materials of a house to bring the temperature of the house down. You can make renovations to your house in order to create a very cool home. Installing a heavy wall made from masonry toward the south will create shade and cool temperatures. 

If renovations are not an option, you can still incorporate some tools into your design. Opening windows during a windy day is the easiest passive method. You can make an entire floor cool by removing objects from the middle of rooms, allowing air to circulate. 

Paint your living room and bedrooms with light colors. Light colors reflect light, keeping the walls cool. You can also hang reflective curtains that face outward. 

Seal your windows and doors so air currents remain within your house. This helps with cooling and heating your home. Brush your hand around window frames and add extra caulking whenever you notice a hot spot. 

Follow Through on Preventative Maintenance 

There are occasions where you will need to use your air conditioning unit. You should plan to use your unit in advance. 

Make fixes to your unit whenever you notice that there is a problem. Switch the filters out so clean air passes through them and dust doesn’t build up. 

Check the refrigerant levels and make sure there are no leaks in the refrigerant coils. You may have to run your AC unit to see if leaks do develop. 

Tighten the wires so the electricity passes smoothly through them. If they seem bunched up, lay them across your floor so you can straighten them out. 

Lubricate all moving parts, especially your fan. Rub a little bit of oil and then spin the fan to make sure it turns without stopping it. 

You should only buy a new AC unit when your old one has stopped working entirely. You may be able to extend the life of your unit by a few years if you get repairs and cool your house more conservatively. 

Read about common AC maintenance mistakes and do your best to dodge them. Whenever you are confused, give a Florida maintenance company a call and get some clarity. 

Cool Your House by a Few Degrees With Other Methods

On days where you want to cool yourself by a few degrees, you should avoid using your AC unit. Switch to clothing made with light colors and fabrics such as cotton or rayon. Wear a hat with a broad brim so you can have plenty of shade. 

Drink some iced water with ice cubes in them. Grip the glass and place it against your forehead so your body heat passes into the ice. 

If you feel like sweating, allow yourself to sweat. It is your body’s way of cooling yourself down, and patting your sweat away can make you feel hot. Let the sweat roll across your skin and down the back of your neck. 

You can prompt yourself to sweat by performing some low-intensity workouts. Jogging in place or walking up and down steps will make you perspire. This will help you cool down, especially if you jump in the shower afterward. 

Turn off the electronics that produce a lot of heat. Do not hold your phone or laptop on your lap, as they can get very hot. 

Buy Two-Stage Compressors 

Compressors squeeze out heated air, allowing the refrigerant to stay cool and enter the current following outward. This requires a lot of electricity. In most air conditioners, the compressor is the least eco-friendly cooling component. 

But you can get a two-stage compressor cooling system. Stage one involves compressing air to a medium level. The system moves a very high volume of hair at minimal pressure, which helps cool the air down. 

Stage two involves compressing the air to the end pressure. The system adds refrigerant at this stage. The initial step requires less electricity, making a two-stage compressor an eco friendly air conditioning option. 

Get a Programmable Thermostat

If you don’t want to change your entire air conditioning system, you can add a programmable thermostat. The thermostat controls the temperature at which your system begins to operate. Every system has one, but some are hard to access. 

A programmable thermostat is one you can control with the click of a button. You can make a number of arrangements through your thermostat. If you want to turn your AC system off, you can turn it off entirely. 

Turn Toward Eco Friendly Cooling Solutions

You can be eco friendly and comfortable simultaneously. If you can afford it, redesign your house to block out the heat. Employ light colors and fabrics to reflect sunlight. 

Keep your AC unit functioning with a year-round repair schedule. Avoid using your unit when you need to cool yourself a little bit. 

Transition to a two-stage compressor that cools your air with less electricity. Buy a programmable thermostat and turn your system off when you are leaving your house. 

Get help for your eco-friendly home. Florida Heat and Air serves the Fort Myers and Naples areas. Schedule a service today.