AC Repair Fort Myers: Why Is My AC Making a Clicking Noise?

By August 12, 2019June 15th, 2020Air Conditioning
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In the summer, temperatures in Southwest Florida can easily reach the 90s, if not higher. This makes your air conditioning a vital part of surviving the heat, so before it strikes, make sure it’s in working order.

If your AC unit is making a clicking noise, here are some reasons why it may be doing that. Unfortunately, it may be time for AC repair in Fort Myers, so read on to see if that’s the case!

A Part Is Loose

If a part of your air conditioning is loose, it may be knocking around the unit and causing the clicking noise. Often, the fan will come loose and hit things in the unit. You can prevent this from happening by getting regular maintenance.

Turn off your AC and see if you can locate the source of the clicking sound. Otherwise, you may want to call an HVAC specialist to find the source of your problem.

There’s a Mechanical Problem

Parts can become worn out after some time, especially if your air conditioning unit is an older one. A number of things can break, such as the valve, piston, fan, or belt.

Should it be any of the above mechanical parts that are broken, it should be a quick repair or replacement for an HVAC expert.

There’s Something Wrong with the Electrical Connection

When you turn on your AC, it’s normal to hear it click once. However, if there are multiple clicks as it’s in operation, then there may be a serious issue at hand.

The clicking sound may be the electrical signals coming from your control panel. The switches there are turning on and off, which may cause sparking as well. This is very dangerous and you should switch off your AC unit straight away and call a professional to come take a look.

The Thermostat’s Broken

If there’s a random click every once in a while, your AC’s thermostat may be broken. Over time, it’s common for thermostats to break due to wear and tear. Should this be your problem, it’s very easy for an HVAC specialist to replace.

The Compressor’s Broken

When the compressor’s broken, not only is there a clicking noise but there’s also rattling, as well as shuddering. It’s an important component of your air conditioning, which means you’ll need immediate service done to avoid a complete breakdown of your unit. If you don’t have it repaired immediately, you may end up needing a replacement of your AC, which can be quite costly.

Get AC Repair in Fort Myers

Should your air conditioning need a professional look, you can easily get AC repair in Fort Myers. Don’t wait, since minor problems can easily become huge ones if you do. Save yourself some time and money by being proactive and getting your AC fixed pronto.

If you need AC repair, then request a quote from us now. We provide 24/7 emergency services, so if your problem is urgent, we’ll be there promptly.

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