5 Easy Tips to Tell if You Have a Broken Air Conditioner in Fort Myers

By June 25, 2019June 15th, 2020Air Conditioning
broken air conditioner

Are you a resident of Fort Myers? Fort Myers gets really hot most of the time, and an A/C becomes a necessity. Do you already own one? Do you have doubts about the functionality of your air conditioner? You may not know for sure.

Are you suffering through the heat in Fort Myers due to a broken air conditioner? We put together five tips to tell if you need A/C repair.

1. Does Your Air Conditioner Blow Hot Air?

An air conditioner blowing hot air is not a good sign. Under normal occasions, the air conditioner serves to create a cooling effect in a room. When the contrary happens, it is clear that the air conditioner has a problem. Hot air from an air conditioner may hint two possible problems.

The first problem may be that the compressor within the air conditioner has a malfunction. If that’s the case, a replacement of the compressor needs to begin. The second possible problem could be that refrigerant in the air conditioner leaks. This problem is also fixable by simply sealing the leak.

In case your air conditioner starts blowing hot air, be sure to contact your technician for a repair.

2. Unusual Noises From the Air Conditioner

Normally, the air conditioner has a soft continuous sound that doesn’t annoy. However, the air conditioner may start having unusual noises over time. These unusual noises are a sign of a broken air conditioner and need a repair. Any noises that are squealing have a grating feeling, grinding, and any other unpleasant sounds indicate that the air conditioner has a problem.

The problem might be a big one or at times, a small one. Contacting a technician soon enough will help in identifying the specific cause of the noise. If you visit the expert sooner, you might not need to replace any part.

3. Moisture Around the Air Conditioner

A well-functioning air conditioner remains dry at all times. None of the mechanics of an air conditioner warrants the formation of moisture around it and around its parts. When you notice moisture forming around your air conditioner, then this is an indication that there is a problem with the air conditioner.

The forming of moisture around the air conditioner may be as a result of a minor issue. An example of such a minor issue is a blockage in the drain pipe. Moisture may also mean a bigger problem like a refrigerant leak.

Under both circumstances, don’t hesitate. A/Cs may cause health problems when they malfunction. Hurry up and call a technician.

4. Unusual Smells Coming out of the Air Conditioner

Some air conditioners begin to emit unusual smells. The expected smell from an air conditioner is the smell of cool air. That’s if, at all, cool air has a scent. Anyway, bad smells are a bad indication that your air conditioner needs a fix. Pungent smells are an indication that the wire insulation in the air conditioner is burning out.

Musty smells indicate the availability of mold in your air conditioner. Both of these scenarios might be dangerous. Consider calling an expert technician for more advice.

5. The Air Conditioner Having High Humidity Levels

One of the major roles that an air conditioner plays is to remove humidity from the air that is inside the house. In the event that the air in the house still contains high levels of humidity, it is clear that the air conditioner has a malfunction.

The minute moisture starts forming your windows, and on any glass surfaces, it means the air conditioner isn’t effective. Consider contacting an expert to schedule for a repair.

Equipped With Tips on How to Identify a Broken Air Conditioner?

All the above points are the major tips that would help you in identifying a broken air conditioner. There are other indications; however, the above are the most prominent.

Read more on our blog to understand better indications of a broken air conditioner and many other insights on air conditioners for people in Fort Myers.

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